Blind Dogs

Online workshops, courses and 121 help delivered from the comfort of your own home!

All online content is delivered via ‘Zoom’

"Help! My dog has gone blind!"

Has your dog recently lost their sight?

Are you worried they will now struggle?

Do you wish you could make their life fun and exciting again?

If you answered Yes! Then this workshop is for you!

Aimed at ‘newly blind dog’ owners (although everyone is welcome to join!), this workshop will take you through the foundations of helping your blind dog succeed without sight. It will give you tools and ideas on how to combat obstacles and give your dog the confidence to find themselves again.

The workshop runs for 90minutes.

1 hour of which I will talk you through:

  • Understanding your blind dog
  • How you can help your dog emotionally
  • Tapping into their other senses
  • Equipment – What really works!
  • How to make life easy for them at home
  • How to master your walks again

We will also do a 30 minute Q&A so we can answer any questions you may have!

All of this for just £30!

Enrich your blind dogs life!

Our blind dogs can really thrive and grow if we give them the chance to. By learning more about how we can provide enrichment and why it is important we can boost our dogs confidence & their bond with us.


What is covered?

  • What is enrichment?
  • How can a blind dog benefit?
  • Types of enrichment
  • Your dogs nose
  • How to set up enrichment
  • Different methods and tools you can use at home
  • Q&A

Coming soon!

Online 121 Support

Book a free 10 minute “Health Call” to see how The Underdogs Training can help you.


  • For owners of blind or partially sighted dogs
  • Discuss your issues and see how we can help you
  • Give you the support and tools to get you back on track
  • Variety of packages available to suit your requirements
  • We work worldwide – contact us to find out more
  • Sessions will be held via Zoom

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