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The Underdogs Training was set up by Eve during lockdown.

Eve has personal experience with both her own dog losing her sight and adopting a blind rescue dog. She is a qualified dog trainer who has won various awards over the years, along side featuring on TV, Radio and in magazines to talk about her work with blind dogs!

Eve works with owners all over the world, giving them the support they need to have a successful training experience. Eve is passionate about helping blind dogs reach their fullest potential and loves to see the progress made by owners and their pups. With The Underdogs Training, you can be sure that you will receive the best support and guidance available.


Online Courses

The Underdogs Training offers comprehensive and engaging online courses that are designed to train blind dog guardians and improve their understanding of their blind dogs’ needs.

Bespoke Plans

Tailored specifically to your dog’s needs. Our bespoke plans are crafted with precision by Eve herself to help your blind dog thrive and make the most out of life.

Daily Check-Ins

I am dedicated to monitoring your blind dog’s progress and providing valuable feedback and support through regular check-ins.

Improved Confidence

My approach to animal care helps boost your blind dog’s confidence, making them feel more comfortable and secure as they navigate their surroundings.

Better Quality of Life

By understanding your blind dog’s needs, you can help make every day more enjoyable for your dog. Improved mobility, better decision making, and more appropriate communication are just a few examples of the many benefits your blind dog can experience with our services.

Enhanced Relationship

By providing you with the tools necessary to care for your blind dog effectively, you will strengthen your bond with your dog and create a happier, healthier relationship.

Give your blind dog the gift of confidence, enrichment and fulfilment.

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If you're not quite ready to take the leap yet then download this completely FREE guide on teaching your blind dog a hand touch.

This can be a crucial way to help your blind dog navigate with help and learning it will only improve your bond!

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