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A little about our blind dog journey...

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Hello! My name is Eve and I specialise in training blind dogs!

When I found out my dog, Poppy, had lost her sight I was heartbroken. I discovered that there was very little support or professional help regarding blind dogs, or indeed to help her to adapt to her new way of life. I was sick of being told to ‘google it’ so I took it upon myself to help Poppy live her very best life.

In 2021 I adopted Jacob from Bosnia through the Blind Dog Rescue UK charity. In the space of just a few months working with him I saw huge improvements, and now I have two happy blind dogs!

And then came Jimmy, the youngest, a Jack Russell Terrier! He is full of beans and life and always (literally always) rearing to go!

I have made it my mission to show others that it is possible for all dogs to thrive. Dogs are extremely intelligent animals and with the right support and training they can flourish in a caring environment. I am here to help you on your journey to a happy and stress-free life for you and your dog.

Whether you have a dog who has recently lost their sight, a dog who has been living with an issue you want to address or a puppy that you want to set up for success, you are in the right place. I use reward-based methods to promote desired behaviours, and will give you the confidence you need to help your dog to learn.

Award Winner!

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While the dog training industry is not regulated, I am a IMDT qualified and approved dog trainer and have studied animal behaviour and dog first aid. I am a current and active member of the Dog Training College, Pet Professional Network and UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter. I am a scent work instructor for the UK Sniffer Dogs and I have also been vetted and approved as a dog trainer by the Dog Training College.

I want you to be confident in the information I deliver and therefore constantly seek to improve my own knowledge. I am currently studying behaviour from a science perspective with the School of Canine Science and Body Language and Body language, Puppy courses and reactivity with the Dog Training College.

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I have also been featured on TV, Radio, News and Magazines.

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