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Expertise and Dedication to Train Your Blind Dog

My Training Methodology for Blind Dogs

I have developed a unique and effective training methodology for blind dogs. My approach combines positive reinforcement, clear guidance, and consistent communication to help dogs learn how to cope with the challenges of vision impairment. With my help, you can help your dog achieve their training goals.

A Personalised Approach

I take a personalised approach to every training session. Taking the time to get to know you and your dog, understand their needs, and create individualised plans that will help them succeed. Above all, I guide each step of the way, helping you and your dog master the necessary skills to adapt to vision impairment. 

In addition to this, I have been through the process of having a dog who has lost their vision. Also I have rescued a blind dog which comes with different challenges. I have been in your position first hand and can relate to exactly what you’re going through.

Global Training Support

By working online you can join me from anywhere in the world! I use Zoom as a video platform to connect with you but I also offer bespoke feedback and video critique via WhatsApp. This means I can help you in real time, unlike local training, and you don’t have to wait a week (or longer!) for your next appointment!

Dedication and Commitment

In conclusion, I am dedicated to helping you and your blind dog achieve success, I’m passionate about helping blind dogs become more independent and adapt to their environment. But also, I am committed to providing the best training for your blind dog, helping them become the best version of themselves.

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