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Understanding Puppy Biting: You Just Brought Home a Baby Land Shark Congratulations on bringing home a new puppy! You’re in […]

The Truth About Tools and Equipment for Your Blind Dog As a blind dog parent you want to do everything […]

Why Scent Work Is Great for Blind Dogs If you have a blind or visually impaired dog, it’s essential to […]

Playtime! Playing is an essential way to keep your dog active and happy. For a blind dog, games like “fetch” […]

Can you train a blind dog? As a dog guardian, you must have encountered a situation where you have to […]

Why Wearing Yellow Can Help Blind Dogs Get the Space They Need If you are a dog owner, you know […]

Enrolling in Dog Training Classes in Nottingham Welcome to The Underdogs Training blog, where we believe that every dog has […]

Scent work is a fantastic way to give blind or visually impaired dogs the mental stimulation, confidence and physical workout […]

Does your blind dog need a halo? Do you have a blind dog in your family? If so, you may […]

Top Training Tips For Blind Dogs Having a dog without sight can be challenging, but it is also very rewarding. […]

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