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Does your blind dog need a halo?

Does your blind dog need a halo?

Do you have a blind dog in your family? If so, you may be looking for ways to help them navigate the world. One popular option these days is a halo, an apparatus that creates a ring of protection they can wear to prevent them bumping into things. However, while halos may seem like the perfect magical solution to assisting your pup with vision issues, are they all they’re cracked up to be? In this blog post I delve into why halos might not be necessary and consider alternate methods to provide greater mobility and independence for your canine pal. Read on if you want to learn more about the realties of living with a blind dog!


The purpose of a blind dog halo 

A blind dog halo is a product that can help dogs with vision impairments to navigate their surroundings. The purpose of the halo is to act as an extension of the dog’s senses, providing them with a physical barrier to prevent them from bumping into walls and furniture. The halo is designed to be worn like a harness with a lightweight frame and a ring that extends outwards. By wearing a halo, blind dogs can move around without the need for constant supervision.

Why halo’s aren’t the best solution for blind dogs

While it might be a common misconception that blind dogs require halos to move around safely, it’s important to know that these devices are not actually necessary (in my opinion). Blind dogs can adapt quite well to their surroundings, relying heavily on their other senses such as touch, hearing, and smell. Halos are often uncomfortable for dogs to wear and can actually impede their ability to navigate on their own. Halo’s are more often seen on smaller breed dogs. The halo can become dangerous to our dogs in multiple ways though, for example the hoop on the front can easily get caught on things like handles and the dog can become stuck or panicked. They also are not safe to use on stairs, especially for smaller breeds, as they may hit a step and the dog loses balance thus falling down the stairs. They are also not comfortable to wear for a dog who wishes to relax and lie down. Aside from these things, our blind dogs may become reliant on their new way of navigating which can then cause them stress when they need to move without it on.


What can you do instead?

Instead, owners can make small adjustments at home to help their blind dogs, like placing carpets or rugs on and around objects. You can pop runners in long hallways, have different surfaces in different rooms. Avoid rearranging furniture too frequently. Take time to teach your dog where hazards are and cover up sharp edges to prevent injury. Start them off in one room to adapt before opening up the rest of the house. We can help them navigate more through other senses like touch, smell and hearing. There are lots of tips you can find all over my platforms with how to help them in the house. With a little extra attention and consideration, blind dogs can live happy, healthy lives without the need for halos.


I do want to add that while the halo isn’t something I personally recommend, some people say they’re good. I just wanted to highlight some things for you to consider before rushing out to buy one. Blindness does not have to stop your dog from living a happy and fulfilled life. With a little extra love, care, and attention, your blind dog can still thrive. In fact, blind dogs continue to enjoy walks, playtime, and training. It may take some time for your dog to adjust to their new reality, but with your support and patience, they can learn to navigate their surroundings using their other senses. Remember, your blind dog is still the same loyal and loving companion that they have always been, and with your help, they can continue to live a happy, healthy life.


I hope you can walk away from this blog post knowing that your four-legged friend can still live a truly awesome life just like other sighted dogs and without the need for a halo. If your dog has recently lost their sight or you want to learn more, sign up to my online course “Help! My dog has gone blind!” today so that I can further empower you with the tools needed for helping your dog confidently navigate the world independently.


Eve 🙂

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