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Scent Work in Nottingham

Scent detection for pet dogs in Nottingham Scent work classes for dogs
Eve (trainer) and Jake (dog) sitting in the car with their certificate for passing their scent work course. Qualified scent work trainer in nottingham

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you let your dog sniff more?

As a qualified bronze level instructor with the UK Sniffer Dogs, I am ready to arm you with the tools to help your dog live a more enriched life!

Do you have an excitable puppy that you want to wear out without walks?

Maybe you have a reactive dog and you want to help them work through their struggles.

Is it that your elderly dog or your dog in recovery isn’t able to go as far on walks now but you want to keep their mind occupied?

Is your bitch in season and you want a new way to wear her out without a visit to the park?

You might want to find something new and fun to build your bond further with your dog.

Or maybe you have a differently-abled dog and want to learn new ways of working their minds.

Whatever your situation, scent work can work for everyone. See some of the benefits below!

What you need for your dog:

  • Red Kong – Medium/Small (MUST BE RED)
  • Harness or flat collar (no headcollars)
  • Regular Lead (no retractable or slip leads)
  • Treats they love (small and bite size)
  • Favorite toy
  • Water & Bowl

What you need for you:

  • Something to drink
  • A positive attitude

If you want to take advantage of the incredible benefits of scent work and learn more about how your dog reads the world around them with their nose then sign up to the 6 week bronze course!


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